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The duration for returning your work depends on its length and your preferred turnaround time. 

Copy editing improves written content. Correcting grammar, spelling, punctuation, and syntax and increasing clarity, coherence, and style. Typographical, spelling, and formatting errors are caught during proofreading. Copy editing improves writing overall, whereas proofreading refines it.

Submitting content is simple. Send papers via email or our online submission portal. We accept PDFs, Word documents, and plain text. The extent of work will determine our quote and turnaround time after receiving your content.

Absolutely! Please provide any editing guidelines, preferences, or instructions. This guarantees that our editors meet your needs and protect your content. Your input helps remarkable results, whether following a style guide, your voice, or specific locations.

Confidentiality is important. Everything you submit for editing is kept private. Our editors and staff sign confidentiality agreements, and our systems protect your data. We keep your changed content for a fair time but don’t share it.

We maintain a high standard with over three decades of experience in the field, a portfolio of twenty published publications, and two doctorates.

We hold both SSL and EV certifications.

Yes, we operate throughout the weekends as well.

Certainly, we offer discounts for loyal customers who submit more than one piece of work.

It’s preferable to submit your document in Microsoft Word format.

Absolutely! ESL students are among our valued customers.

Our services enhance writing quality, credibility, readability, and content accuracy. These methods improve text clarity and coherence, increasing the writer’s reputation and preparing the information for publication or distribution. You’ll improve your writing by editing and proofreading.

We aim to give high-quality content that matches your needs. If you’re unhappy, let us know within a timeframe, and we’ll gladly review and handle your concerns. Our editing process ensures your content matches your goal. We value your input and will work with you until you’re pleased.

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